Casual jewellery has become the new fashion staple that can make every individual feel like a million bucks! With the right assortment of daily wear jewellery, you can nail your everyday look with an elegant ease. There are various options you can choose from when it comes to everyday jewellery, some being stud earrings, chic rings, a classic pendant and so on. Depending on your styling preferences, you can mix and match from a range of staple jewellery and create a unique look.

Here are some must-have, daily wear jewellery pieces:

1) Bold Hoop Earrings:

A woman's jewellery box is incomplete without hoop earrings. Whether you're heading to work, college, or visiting your friends, hoops will do the trick. These pieces have been in trend for years and are some of the things that will never age. At Signi Jewels, you'll find a range of hoop earrings to choose from, some of them being the crystal clutch hoop earrings, classic marquise hoops and the glitzy studded hoops. These sparkling embellishments come in different sizes and dimensions and can effortlessly spruce up your daily wear look!

2) Drop Round Pendant :

There's nothing better than a classic pendant when you're going for an elegant look. A drop round pendant is all you need to make heads turn wherever you go. This piece of jewellery is best paired with block colour outfits. Moreover, you can pair this piece of jewel with heavily embellished earrings or opt for classic stud earrings to make your drop round pendant genuinely stand out.

3) Chic Rings:

Vibrant and elegant, a chic sparkling ring is a must-have for every woman. You can pair a simple ring with your everyday outfits or one with large gemstones to add an edge to your look. These versatile daily wear jewellery pieces are pretty enough to grab your attention and are lightweight, making them suitable for everyday wear.

4) Drop Dangle Earrings:

Drop-Dangle earrings are a go-to if you wish to glam up your everyday look. With their unique designs and vibrant colours, these beautiful daily wear jewellery pieces are sure to win your heart! Perfect for everyday wear, or even a cocktail night, dangle earrings are a must-have for every woman. At Signi, you'll find these sparkling crystals in various designs, such as triple swirl dangle earrings, yellow princess dangle earrings, and many more.

5) Tennis Bracelets:

Tennis bracelets work very well with formal outfits as well as everyday outfits. Traditionally made with diamonds, these charming pieces are available in high-quality sparkling crystals to make a perfect add on to your overall look. At Signi, you can choose from a range of tennis bracelets, chain bracelets, oval bracelets, and many more to complement your everyday look. These daily wear jewellery pieces are set in 18k gold and are made available at affordable prices so that every woman can have access to affordable luxury.

Who said statement necklaces are only meant for Friday night looks? These pieces go very well with oversized shirts, denim jackets or any other everyday outfit. When choosing a statement necklace, consider the length, colour and design. Pick a versatile piece that can spice up any outfit and make you stand out in style!

Stud earrings are a great add on to your everyday outfit or formal outfit. They're compact, precious and never go unnoticed. At Signi, you can customise the metal of these sparkling crystals in rose gold, yellow gold or white gold to add sparkle wherever you go!

Your jewellery collection should be unique to you and should resonate with your personality. It doesn't matter what jewellery pieces are making rounds on social media; the best pieces are the ones that are loved and cherished by you. At Signi, each sparkling crystal is intricately handcrafted to celebrate your individual spirit. Without compromising on quality, purity and transparency, you can now be whoever you want to be and have sparkling crystals that translate just that.